Precise, powerful, flexible power analysis

Streamlining power tests. Protecting drive performance.

You have a world-class reputation to protect, and you believe in the quality of your products. We're here to support that. Our power modules can replace a dual channel programmable power supply and oscilloscope with a cheaper and more effective solution.

Run almost any power test, from margining, ramping, glitch, brown-out and more. With virtually unlimited capture times, you can record and analyze power performance across multiple workloads with our simple automation API.


Favored by global leading companies

Whether you're an SSD company, system integrator, test lab, drive reviewer or test equipment manufacturer, Quarch's analysis tools can help you guarantee the integrity of your product.


Verify prototype designs
Qualify production drives
Test power loss
Analyze silicon performance


Test power Vs IOPS
Measure idle power
Inject power faults


Compare drives
Simplify 3rd party testing
Review real-world performance
Analyze failures
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creative innovations from Quarch Technology

Quarch Power Studio

Analyze drive power consumption for hours or even days without compromising on resolution. Scroll through multi-gigabyte data sets easily and zoom in to the smallest detail.

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Programmable Power Modules

Automate drive power testing. Use a single Quarch PPM to replace your power supply, scope and current probes. Use a multi-port PPM to simultaneously test multiple drives in a large test rack.

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Injection Fixtures

Simple fixtures mean an end to complex setup and custom cabling. Connect to and test any type of drive, including M.2, U.2, AIC, and SAS/SATA drives.

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“Can your drives handle power glitches and disruption without data loss? Around 50% of drives we test in our labs fail to protect against a 1mS hard pull down to ground on the power rails. If you need to know your drives can cope with any conditions without loss of data, you need Quarch testing tools.”

Mike Dearman, Managing Director, Quarch Technology

Fast, effective, cost-saving technology

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