M.2 Testing

Getting a hot-swap/injection fixture into a native M.2 slot has been a major problem in the past, due to the slot’s small footprint.

Recognizing the growing need for M.2, Quarch have created a full range of native M.2 (M-Key) products for hot-swap automation, fault injection and power testing. Using a vertical M.2 connector, you can now fit a breaker module or power injection fixture into almost any standard M.2 slot (80mm card length).

Power testing

Native M.2 slots on mobile devices often have additional power management features. Our M.2 Power Injection Fixture fits in an 80mm M.2 card slot and, when combined with a Programmable Power Module, allows a range of tests to be performed:

  • Full range voltage margining
  • Power ramp, glitch and brown-out
  • Accurate power profiling
  • Sleep state power measurement.

M.2 M-Key Vertical Power Injection Fixture

This fixture supports all M-Key M.2 devices.

M.2 M-Key Vertical Power Injection Fixture

PCIe Slot to M.2 Power Injection Fixture

A second power injection fixture is available for x4 PCIe slots, adapting the slot for 4-lane M.2 devices. This is ideal for test systems that do not have a native M.2 slot.

PCIe x4 M.2 Power Injection Fixture

Hot-swap and fault injection

The M.2 M-Key Vertical Card Module fits an 80mm M.2 slot and provides full physical layer control over the interface, allowing you to:

  • Hot-swap the attached device
  • Individually switch every signal
  • Perform glitch and fault of data, power and sideband signals
  • Actively drive WAKE, DEV_SLEEP, PERST, CLK_REQ and PEDET
  • Measure host voltage.

M.2 M-Key Vertical Card Module

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