Industry-standard fault testing without the complexity

Hot-swapping and scenario testing is essential to ensure your drives retain their data in the event of a fault - but we don't think this needs to be as complicated as it has been.

Quarch Technology's flexible, modular system can be scaled to cover every requirement—from single-drive testing in early R&D, to 1000+ drives in a huge array. Incredibly fast and efficient, Our automation tools work seamlessly with your existing test systems to run thousands of device power cycles without manual intervention. Perform industry-standard tests repeatedly, with highly accurate timing, and simulate physical layer faults for comprehensive testing.

We proudly supply our fault-injection tools to silicon designers, system integrators, ODMs, and drive manufacturers across the globe. Quarch hot-swap modules are part of the mandatory testing schedule for NVMe SFF drives at the IOL Plugfests, implementing new types of testing to prove the reliability and robustness of NVMe.

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Flexible, modular systems

The Torridon System can scale up from single drive testing in early R&D, to 1000+ drives in a huge array. Multiple different Torridon modules can be combined to automate drives, cables and controllers.

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24/7 automated testing

Run unattended, overnight tests. Perform every test repeatedly, with highly accurate timing. Simulate any possible hot-swap scenario for comprehensive, in-depth testing.

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Test the latest technologies

We supply modules to support PCIe, U.2, M.2, SAS, SATA, SFP, QSFP, LAN, SBB, USB and more, including the latest generations of each interface. Be ready to test the newest technologies.

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“Hot-swapping a complex device like a drive or a controller has the potential for a huge number of possible failures. Some problems will only occur under specific circumstances or only after 500+ plug cycles. Trying to debug these faults by hand is tedious and time-consuming. Automation using Quarch’s industry-leading tools is the answer.”

Mike Dearman, Managing Director, Quarch Technology

Fast, effective, cost-saving technology

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