Get the best from your test racks

Eliminate mistakes caused by manual re-cabling

With Quarch switches you can reconfigure your test rack with simple, remote commands.

Automate connections between multiple devices and run tests 24/7. Duplicate signals to multiple pieces of test equipment and share expensive tools, such as analyzers and scopes, between multiple tests. Use our SAS/SATA switches to forward data to a scope or analyzer without modifying the signal path.

Quarch’s physical layer switches are completely transparent at the protocol layer, so devices behave as though directly cabled. Our SAS/SATA and USB switches re-drive your signal without re-timing it, ensuring no errors are masked.

Who uses Quarch switches?

Our physical layer switches are used by RAID developers, IC designers, test labs and driver developers, and for motherboard and host design and testing. Whether you’re bench testing with a single switch or running a large test rack, Quarch’s physical layer switches work seamlessly with your existing test systems.

creative innovations from Quarch Technology

6G & 12G SAS switches

Choose from a 12-port switch supporting 12Gb/s data rates and a 40-port switch supporting up to 6Gb/s, both with optical/active cable support.

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6G SATA switch

Easy cabling for SATA devices—12 lanes arranged as 4 SATA host ports and 8 SATA device ports. Supports connections up to 6Gb/s.

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USB 3.0 switch

Switch up to 8 devices into a host. Supports USB connections at 1.x, 2.x and 3.0 speeds. Additional features allow hot-swap simulation and basic fault-injection testing.

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“One of our customers regularly drove for an hour to another lab and back solely to move cables for a critical test. Using a Quarch switch, this has become a simple automated task.”

Andy Norrie, Operations Director, Quarch Technology

Fast, effective, cost-saving technology

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