Drive Power Testing

Does your drive meet the power spec? Can it handle power glitches and disruption? Can it beat the competition? Drive power testing with Quarch Programmable Power Modules (PPMs) allows you to answer all these questions – and more – with ease and confidence.

The latest power module, the new HD PPM, includes LAN control, even faster measurement and recording, and more memory – and can be supplied as multi-port, rack-mounted version for simultaneous multi-device testing.

Find out about the advantages of all the Quarch PPMs, including the new HD module, on this page.

Test low power sleep states

With the rise of Ultrabooks and similar devices, power consumption of NVMe storage has become a critical factor. Our XLC (eXtra Low Current) Programmable Power Module is capable of measuring accurately down to 50μA, providing a precise measure of sleep states. The 250KHz sampling rate and 8Mbit memory depth allows accurate charting of power state transitions.

Create multiple possible failure scenarios for your drive

Power loss, brown-out and voltage rail glitches are all a risk for data loss on NVMe devices. As well as full range power margining (0 to nominal + 20%), our modules can create almost any type of voltage pattern: ramps, glitches, curves and pattern on DC. This allows you to create virtually any possible failure scenario for your drive.

Use one device to replace many

With the Quarch range of power modules, you can replace your existing multi-unit testing setup with a single device.

“Our search for the one device that measures the power consumption of every type of storage device ends with the Quarch XLC Programmable Power Module... One of the most attractive features of the XLC PPM is its ability to displace multiple pieces of equipment, such as two bench power supplies, two scopes and two current probes, with one small device.”

Paul Alcorn, Tom’s IT PRO

Our units are easy to set up and can be easily integrated into your existing automated test architecture.

AnchorFast, multi-device power testing – the new HD Programmable Power Module

The HD Programmable Power Module extends the features of the XLC module, with:

  • Larger recording RAM (eight times the memory depth of the XLC, at 64Mbits)
  • Remote control via LAN
  • Support for a range of advanced power injection fixtures.

The HD PPM is also available in a multi-port, rack-mounted configuration (six power outputs in a 19” rack enclosure), ideal for simultaneous multi-device testing:

The HD PPM rack-mounted 1U version, with six outputs

Use this module to test multiple drives in a large test rack, rather than bench-testing one drive at a time. Multi-device testing allows you to:

  • Compare the performance of several drives at the same time
  • Automate a wider range of tests
  • Build power testing into existing test racks.

Read the detailed specification or find out how to apply for free evaluation kit for a limited time period.

Free software to get you started

Quarch supply a variety of free software to get you started:

Who uses Quarch PPMs?

Storage companies

Quarch power modules are used by most of the leading SSD companies, in the US and worldwide.

Drive reviewers

  • Tom’s IT PRO use Quarch modules in their test lab to measure the power consumption of every type of storage device, including HDDs and SSDs.
  • Myce use our power modules as part of their review process for both enterprise and consumer drives.
  • The SSD Review use Quarch modules for their reviews of storage devices.

Find out why test labs, drive reviewers and test equipment manufacturers use Quarch tools – read their comments here.

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