Automating your Storage Array Testing with Torridon

The Torridon System is a simple, modular solution that will speed up your existing test systems, saving you time and money.

Whether you are testing drives, backplanes, RAID controllers or management software, your testing will be much faster – and cover a wider range of test cases – with a Torridon test system.

The Torridon System can scale up from single drive testing in early R&D, to 1000+ drives in a huge array. Multiple different Torridon modules can be combined to automate drives, cables and controllers.

Reduce testing time – and improve your scheduling

Each hot-plug module of the Torridon System sits behind a removable device, whether this is a drive, controller, cable or card. You now have the ability to perform fully automated and 100% repeatable hot-plugs. Removing the need for manual intervention will hugely reduce your test time – and give you a much more predictable testing schedule.

Increase the range of test scenarios you can run

Our hot-plug modules can simulate any speed of hot-plug, and even generate pin-bounce. This allows you to greatly increase the number of scenarios you run; fast hot-plug, slow hot-plug, corner cases and extreme cases can be created easily and repeated accurately.

Control Torridon from your existing test automation system

The Torridon System is a simple set of hardware modules that integrate with your existing test automation system. It can be controlled easily from almost any system capable of communicating with a Serial, LAN or USB port.

Hot-plug modules

Hot-plug modules include:

Quarch can also make custom modules for customer-specific interfaces – email or contact your local reseller for details.

What do Quarch users say?

"The Quarch Torridon systems are helping us maintain our world-leading reputation for quality. The automation of our hot-swap testing is being used in our Design Verification Testing (DVT)."

Paul Gregory, Development Test, Xyratex

Find out why test labs, drive reviewers and test equipment manufacturers use Quarch tools – read their comments here.

Arrange a free evaluation or a quote

Depending on your requirements, we can normally supply you with free evaluation kit for a short period of time. To apply, or to arrange a quote, email or contact one of our skilled regional resellers.

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