M.2 M-Key Vertical Injection Fixture

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Allows a Power Module to inject power into an M.2 card, within a native M-Key slot.

M.2 M-Key Vertical Injection Fixture

Product Information

This simple interposer fits in an M.2 M-key slot and allows power to be injected into the attached M.2 card. The M.2 device sits vertically, allowing testing of systems that have little extra space.

Connected to one of our range of Programmable Power Modules, you can now perform power margining and measurement of the drive while using it within its normal operating environment.

The interposer synchronizes with the host power to ensure your M.2 device is powered up at exactly the correct time.


  • Connects a Power Module to an M.2 device
  • Works with almost any standard M.2 device within the Power Module current limits
  • Power to the device is applied at the exact time the host powers up.

Technical Specification

  • Supports M.2 devices up to GEN3 speeds
  • 60cm cable supplied, to route to the Power Module
  • Supports all standard lengths of M.2 cards up to 110mm
  • Fits M.2 M-Key slots
  • Host power detect ensures the DUT powers up correctly (HD Modules only)
  • MCX port allows an external device to trigger on 3v3 host power up

Product Variants


Fixture, with cable to connect to XLC Power Module.


Fixture, with cable to connect to HD Power Module.

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