1/8 Port DisplayPort 1.2 Switch

1/8 Port DisplayPort 1.2 Switch

Part Number: QTL1530

Product Details

Automate connection and hot-swap of multiple Display Port devices in a test system

This Module is a DisplayPort 2.1 Physical Layer Switch, capable of automatically routing signals between its host port and 8 device ports.

You can now automate connection between multiple test devices, simulating insertion, removal and swap without the need for manual intervention.

The simple control interfaces makes it ideal both for bench testing and full automation of large test suites. This enables engineers to work more efficiently, giving higher confidence and lower outgoing failure rates.

This module requires a separately purchased Interface Kit or Array Controller.


  • Automated connection between 1 source and 8 sink ports
  • Signal forwarding, for easy monitoring
  • Improve test coverage while decreasing duration
  • Ideal for bench testing, debugging, and evaluation


  • Display Port 1.2 signals are redriven with a crosspoint switch
  • Aux and sideband signals are routed through a passive mux
  • Individual lanes may be turned off to emulate link failure
  • Programmable amplitude, equalisation and pre-emphasis on each source port
  • Requires Array Controller or Interface Kit

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