NVMe Plugfest #4

Quarch have been working with the the Plugfest team for the last few years. We have seen the evolution from SAS2 to SAS3 and now PCIe SFF. Our products are critical for the validation of removable devices such as disk drives, especially when new technologies (such as PCIe) is used.

Starting with Plugfest #4, hot-plug testing for NVMe SFF drives is mandatory. Hot-plugging a PCIe device is a complex test scenario, and not everyone passed the test station this time!

Fortunately, it is easy to repeat the required tests (and more) in your lab, so you can be confidant that your device meets the specification. The number of test scenarios required for a pass at the Plugfest will likely be increasing, so we strongly recommend that you get on top of the issue early.

"The support that Quarch is providing to the UNH-IOL and the NVMe Integrators List program is enabling us to implement new types of testing that help prove the reliability and robustness of NVMe. The Quarch Torridon tool allows us to test the hot plug features that are so important for enterprise SSD implementations. We're excited to be working with Quarch. Quarch is a valuable partner in our efforts to expand and improve the NVMe Integrators List program."

David Woolf,
Research and Development of Storage and Mobile Technologies, UNH-IOL

If you will be taking part in the Plugfest, or otherwise want to recreate the testing required for the NVMe hot-swap, please see:
Application Note AN003 - Plugfest NVMe Hotswap Testing

If you are not currently part of the Plugfest, get in touch with the UNH team

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