26th April 2018

Make Python automation simple with our latest package.

16th February 2018

The first formal release of Power Studio is now available. Analyse your device power use in more detail than ever before.

23rd January 2018

Traditional methods of measuring power consumption using an oscilloscope and current probes can be effective but are expensive and hard to implement. A tool that’s specifically designed for drive power testing will give you a much wider range of test options and is much easier to set up. Explore the results of two key test scenarios to find out why.

17th January 2018

Perform hot-swap and fault injection testing on the devices using the latest external PCIe connection specification.

27th October 2017

Want to test your drives over multiple days, record the results and still be able to examine the smallest detail of a single event? Test the new Quarch Power Studio…

22nd May 2017

Check out the latest, time-saving NVMe test automation tools at Booth 637 at FMS 2017—and discover why every major player in the industry uses Quarch test equipment.

27th March 2017

Don’t laboriously bench-test one drive at a time – test multiple drives simultaneously with the multi-port, rack-mounted version of Quarch’s HD Programmable Power Module.

24th January 2017

You can now register your Quarch products online to confirm your international warranties and make sure you’re kept informed about important firmware updates.

20th October 2016

The major difficulty in M.2 product testing – getting a hot-swap/injection fixture into a native M.2 slot – is easily overcome with Quarch’s new, comprehensive range of native M.2 (M-Key) products. Find out how the new modules can help you with M.2 hot-swap automation, fault injection and power measurement/margining.

7th July 2016

From August 9th to 11th, Quarch will be exhibiting at the Flash Memory Summit, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Come and see us on booth 635 to find out why every major player in the NVMe industry uses Quarch test equipment.