Multi-device power testing with the new HD PPM

Quarch’s latest power module, the HD Programmable Power Module, is a fully programmable power supply and measurement tool for drive power testing.


The HD PPM supports remote control via LAN and a range of advanced power injection fixtures. The new module extends the features of the XLC, with larger recording RAM (eight times the memory depth of the XLC, at 64Mbits) and faster streaming modes. The HD board is also significantly smaller, allowing six modules to fit in a 1U rack mount.

Multi-device power testing

You can use the multi-port, rack-mounted HD PPM to test multiple drives in a large test rack, instead of laboriously bench-testing one drive at a time. In addition, the HD PPM allows you to automate a wider range of tests and integrate power testing into existing test racks.

For more information... the detailed specification or email for a quote or to apply for free evaluation kit for a limited time period.

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