Live drive testing at FMS 2018

Discover how to improve your NVMe testing and cut costs

Quarch will be at FMS, the premier industry meeting for the NVMe industry, from August 7th to 9th, with live demos of our latest hot-swap, fault injection and power measurement products. See the innovative Quarch Power Studio (QPS) power analysis software in action and test your drive’s power and performance.

More data, better choices, with Quarch Power Studio

Having access to high quality power data allows you to make better choices. You can:

  • Optimize sleep states
  • Tweak firmware to improve power performance
  • Understand the effect of different loads on consumption
  • Compare the performance of different drives.

Using Quarch devices, you can record power data for seconds, hours, or even days. QPS makes it simple to view and analyze large traces, with its measurement tools, statistics, and annotations.

With QPS and a Quarch Programmable Power Module, you can:

  • View live scope traces of voltage/current/power performance
  • Record from a few seconds to days’ worth of high resolution data
  • Traverse easily through multi-GB data sets
  • Save images and statistics
  • Zoom in to see the smallest detail in a long test run.

Zoom in to see the smallest detail in a long test run

Analyze your device power use in more detail than ever before…

…visit Quarch at Booth 637 to see a live demo of the QPS software and find out how.

Not going to FMS?

Discover QPS online, email or contact one of our skilled regional resellers to arrange a demo.

UHN-IOL hot-plug testing at FMS 2018

We’ll be running a hot-plug test station, performing the UHN-IOL Plugfest tests, at FMS. Bring your drive to Booth 637 and run it against our latest test suite. Our fully automated system will let you see the live performance of the device—and you'll get free trace files to take away.

While you’re at FMS, visit our partners

  • Our US reseller, Serial Cables, will be at Booth 635, with their range of cables, adaptors and test boxes.
  • Our US partners at SerialTek have been providing innovative data storage test tools and solutions for storage manufacturers since 2007. They’ll be at Booth 633, demonstrating their latest PCI analyzers.

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