High resolution power analysis with unprecedented recording time

Quarch Power Studio—the next revolution in drive power testing

Power measurement technologies have changed very little over the last decade. For any level of detail, the industry standard is a scope and current probes. This is an unwieldy and expensive setup, often run by a single engineer.

Power performance testing took a big leap forwards with the introduction of Quarch’s Programmable Power Modules (PPMs). Now, an even larger leap is imminent with the launch of the Quarch Power Studio. With this new software and one of Quarch’s latest PPMs, engineers no longer have to trade off bandwidth against recording time.

Working with a Quarch HD PPM, the new Quarch Power Studio software lets you:

  • Record very high-resolution results continuously over multiple days, limited only by your storage space.
  • Zoom in to examine the smallest detail from the multi-gigabyte data sets it records.

Older XLC modules are also supported, although record resolution will be lower than with an HD PPM.

What you can do with Quarch Power Studio

  • View live scope traces of voltage, current and power performance.
  • Record high resolution results continuously over multiple days (or for just a few seconds, if that’s what you need).
  • Scroll through multi-gigabyte data sets easily and zoom in to the smallest detail.
  • Examine min/max/mean/RMS statistics.
  • Accurately measure features on the trace.
  • Export images and trace sections.

Combined with an HD or XLC PPM, Quarch Power Studio allows you to capture highly accurate power measurements on a storage device while running a variety of workloads or performance tests. This makes it possible to obtain realistic data about the likely performance of the drive in real-life situations.

A preview of the interface

Quarch Power Studio has a graphical interface that allows users to highlight the data they want to examine with a simple click-and-drag action. Scanning for and identifying trends and events of interest within multi-gigabyte data files is effortless with the software’s Timeline View. Users can then zoom in to particular events or parts of the data in detail, even while still recording.

Example QPS data screens


Zooming in on a power cycle within a longer trace

Example data screen showing zooming in on a power cycle with a longer trace


Live scope view of current performance

Example data screen showing live scope view of current performance


Extreme zoom in to a small power spike

Example data screen showing extreme zoom in to a small power spike


Max/Min/Mean/RMS statistics over a write operation

Example data screen showing Max/Min/Mean/RMS statistics over a write operation


Quarch Power Studio and the XLC/HD PPMs

The cross-platform Quarch Power Studio is supplied with all XLC and HD programmable power modules. The software extends the functionality, ease-of-use and speed of the PPMs, yet the combined package costs a fraction of the alternative power testing set-ups that lack its wide range of features.

Try out Quarch Power Studio now!

Check out the specification and download the latest version to try today; demo recorded data is also available. If you’d like a free evaluation of a Quarch Power Module, please contact us:

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