No communications with module (USB)

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#1 05/10/2015 - 16:15

No communications with module (USB)

Most Quarch modules and controllers support USB control.

Things to Check

  • Check the cable is plugged into a USB port on the PC
  • On QTL1260 interface kit, check the button is in the correct position: OUT for direct USB connection to the module (not 'Lite' modules) or IN to create a virtual COM port (In this case you follow the instructions for Serial connection)
  • Are the drivers installed correctly?
  • Can you see the ISB device in device manager (also check the driver status here)

There are 2 ways that USB control can work:

Direct USB control: This is where the module is seen on the control PC as a USB device. This will be the case for physical layer switches and power modules that have a USB connector on the back.

Array Controllers also have USB ports on the back. This allows you to connect to them and issue commands (either to the controller, or to one of the attached modules).

Via Controller USB: Array Controllers have internal USB hubs that link to their module ports. This allows any module with USB support to enumerate directly on the host PC.

'Lite' Drive modules do not support USB control. These modules will never enumerate as USB devices on the host PC, but they can still be controlled over USB by connecting to the Array Controller that they are plugged in to.

If you are Interface Kit (QTL1260) you can push the button in to create a USB virtual COM port.

USB control requires drivers. For windows, use the Quarch Torridon driver:

For Linux, or cross platform support, you can use the libUSB driver. We have examples of this for Python and Java: