No communications with module (LAN)

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No communications with module (LAN)

Quarch Array Controllers and some standalone modules (Such as most of our switch modules) have a LAN port for network connection.

All standard modules support both Telnet and ReST control, though you may require a Firmware update if you have an older product.

For those not familiar with it:

Telnet: This is a simple terminal interface, which looks the same as a serial terminal, but it connects to a remote device over the network. It is ideal for devices that are across in another lab. Telnet has a level of auto-negotiation, which can sometimes cause issues. We are compatible with all the standard terminal programs and script languages, but you may need minor tweaks. See our application notes for examples:

Only ONE Telnet connection can be open at a time, so make sure not to leave the connection open when you are done.

ReST: This is a web technology, which uses HTTP requests. Effectively the module hosts a web server that you can run commands on. This is very simple to use from a script, and is also multi-user accessable. See examples in our communications manual:

Check Your Setup

  • Is the device cabled into the network?
  • Does the network switch support 10BASE-T Half Duplex? NOT all enterprise switches support this!
  • Is the green LED on the network port on, and the orange LED flashing at times? If not, the link is not working
  • Is the module open already? If you have connected via another application or communication method (USB or Serial) then the LAN port may be locked out

Things to try

If you are sure that your cabling and setup is correct, then try another connection method:

Torridon Terminal is our simple windows terminal App that supports Serial, USB and Telnet connections:

Our modules are also compatible with standard terminals such as Putty and Terraterm. Ensure that your terminal program is sending CRLF after each command.

If you are using Perl/Python scripting to connect to the module, then check out our example scripts. These include a common module that handles the (very simple) communication requirements:

If your test rack switch cannot support 10-BaseT, then you can put a simple consumer grade switch in between, to bridge the networks. We are designing hardware that will support 100Base-T, but it is not possible to roll this out to older products.