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TestMonkey GUI

Quarch's standard TestMonkey software can control Power Modules. This is normally done via the USB interface, as it allows MUCH faster data download.

TestMonkey can connect to any of the Power Modules, and allows easy power control, pattern generation and capturing. This is ideal for bench testing, and is very easy to get started with. You will need:

- A Windows PC with a USB port

- The standard USB driver:

- The latest version of TestMonkey:

The software is simple to use, and has a built in help file to get you started with the main features.

TestMonkey can:
- Perform power margining
- Set up and run complex output patterns, through the visual pattern editor
- Measure and display real time power consumption
- Set up trigger in and trigger out events (for modules that support external triggering)
- Capture and display recordings, limited by the memory depth of the module you are using

It does not do:
- Automated testing: For this see the 'Automation' topic and the options for using Python, Java and similar
- Long term streaming: Recording is limited to the on-board memory of your module. If you want to record large amounts of data, you will need to 'stream' the data. This can be done via our cross-platform streaming application, or via automated Python scripts:

30/09/2015 - 13:08

Can't establish x8 link through QTL1630

For some reason, the PCIe card I'm working with won't link up with the host at any speed if the QTL1630 Control Module is in between the card and the motherboard.
It will link up and work fine at 8GT/s x8 only if I plug a PCIe analyzer interposer board into the Control Module, and the card into the interposer.
The card also links up fine when plugged in directly to the motherboard.

Has anyone else seen something like this and do you have any idea why this happens ?

30/09/2015 - 13:08 (Reply to #2)

Hey Tom,

Hey Tom,

Apologies for missing your post. You were first to do so, and our setup was wrong!

Have you turned off the lanes that you are not using?

You have an x16 host, and an x8 device. If the switches on the Quarch module are closed then this can trigger the receiver detect on the host. This can make it look like a failed device in the slot.

If you open the unused lanes, you can prevent this from happening. On newer firmware you can use the "CONFig:WIDth 8" command to set the lane width automatically.

Alternatively you can simply open the unused lanes by setting them to source 0
SIGnal:LANE15:SOURce 0
SIGnal:LANE14:SOURce 0


30/09/2015 - 13:08

Testmonkey2 GUI doesn't open

I have problems launching Testmonkey2 GUI.It tries to open but nothing happens.It has worked before.I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it back.

30/09/2015 - 13:08

Testmonkey not working

I have problems in launching the testmonkey GUI please let me know regarding this problem