Return a faulty product

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#1 05/10/2015 - 13:18

Return a faulty product

Quarch products are generally very reliable, with a low failure rate, even after several years of use.

You can find our full warranty terms here:

Products that are under warranty will be taken back to Quarch for a rapid repair or replacement.

Products that are out of warranty are normally repaired at cost price. As an example, a drive hot-plug module with a damaged flex cable or simple component damage can normally be repaired for $50. Initial inspection of a product is free, so we can quote you for a repair at no risk.

For any return, we will need:

  • The serial number of the module(s) (Begins QTL...)
  • A description of the fault

Please contact us with the information and we will give you an RMA number and shipping details. We may have additional questions about the nature of the fault.