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Cable Tester Studio

JAVA based application for controlling the cable tester

Quarch Compliance Suite

Quarch Compliance Suite allows for fully automated testing of removable host/drive systems. Release 1.12

QIS – Quarch Instrument Server

QIS – Quarch Instrument Server is a simple Java application which handles communication with Quarch Power Modules, allowing easy scripted automation with no additional drivers needed. QIS provides a simple TCP port for control (local or remote network control) and greatly simplifies handling of large quantities of streaming data. NOTE: QIS is also distributed with …

Quarch Power Studio

Quarch Power Studio. Works with XLC and HD PPMs to capture high-resolution power measurements over extended time periods. This version works with Windows, Mac OS and most Linux distributions. NEW for 1.30 Support for HD Plus (firmware v6.000 and up) Improvement to stats calculation in large traces Fixes for various crash and performance issues Improved …

Torridon Updater

Updater application to perform firmware updates on standard Quarch modules

Torridon Terminal

Simple windows terminal application. Works with all Torridon modules, over Serial USB or Telnet

TestMonkey GUI

TestMonkey allows Quarch modules to be controlled manually from any standard windows PC. This is ideal for evaluation and manual testing.

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